Sunshine & Cedar (7oz) -the scent of grapefruit, cedar, sunshine & woods.

The WXY range are hand-poured in the UK using 100% plant-based soy wax, so contain no animal-derived materials to give a great, clean-burning result.

Paraben and Palm oil free, WXY also give 3% of profits to Mind Charity.

A cleaner, better & fairer fragrance for your home. Looks and smells great in any room. Also available as a Diffuser.

Burning Tips:

1. take time to let your candle burn until the entire surface is liquid wax. doing this will prolong the life of your candle and allows the maximum scent to be released. by leaving your candle in draughty areas of the house (near to windows) it's lifetime may reduce due to a higher burn rate. burn for at least 2 hours, but take care of surfaces and don't leave your candle alone.

2. stop, breath + trim before lighting for the first time and every re-lighting after, trim the wick with scissors to approx 0.5cm. if your flame is getting too unruly or high or smoking, this is a sign your wick needs trimmed

3. blow out or extinguish your candle carefully, taking care not to splash wax. leave your candle to cool and the wax to return to a solid-state before handling or moving

4. reuse + reuse use your candle and when it is finished, please clean out the glass and give it a new job