This delightful box of 8 Lovely Button Ups ® Wall Hooks come in two sizes and are perfect to hang your banners large or small, garlands and other lovely things. Simply apply the rough velcro disk to your wall. Pop up your button and hang your lovely item! No mess, no fuss and no tools required.

The buttons can be removed in seconds if you fancy a colour change or little refresh. This little box of genius replaces the need to apply your decorations with washi tape or nails. A colourful fun way to pop your loveliness on the wall with an instant result! 

Brand new luxury packaging presents the Lovely Button Ups beautifully, making them the perfect gift! 

Your Lovely Box Contains:

One White Flower 18mm

One Pastel Pink Flower 18mm

One Lemon 18mm

One Lemon 15mm

One White 18mm

One Peach 18mm

One Sky 15mm

One Pastel Pink 15mm

15mm button will hold up to 250g 18 to 20mm up to 300g

Velcro disks can be removed from walls by carefully peeling them off. You can use a hairdryer to warm the disk to aid its removal. The disks will remove easily and without any damage to surfaces if the wall is dry and in good decorative order. If you are removing disks and the wall feels cold always use a hairdryer to warm surface area before you start to remove your disk. We especially recommend this for outside walls in your home