Product Description

These BeeBee Leaf Wraps offer an excellent alternative to cling film and single-use plastic.

With three different sizes in this Mixed pack, they are great for wrapping sandwiches, cheese, fruit or vegetables in a more natural, breathable way which also helps to extend the life of the food. Could even be used to seal a bottle of wine!

Each wrap is made from GOTS certified organic cotton and dyed with certified organic dyes in eye catching, contemporary designs.

Perfect for covering bowls and dishes for outdoor entertaining/bbq’s and picnics in the summer months with family & friends! Accredited by The Vegan Society.


1 large wrap (33 x 33 cm), 1 medium wrap (26 x 26 cm) and 1 small wrap (18 x 18 cm)

Usage Instructions

Using warm hands, shape the wraps to mould around food or containers in place of clingfilm to create a breathable seal which keeps food fresher for longer. The wraps are reusable for a year and at this point can be refreshed with wax crumbs. Alternatively burn as a firelighter on a barbeque or wood burning stove or compost on an active compost heap.

Cleaning Instructions

Hand wash in cool, soapy water using a mild dishwashing soap. You can soak the wraps to remove hardened food and scrub them using a soft bristle brush or sponge. Drip dry on the draining board and re-use again and again.

Storage Information

Fold and store in a drawer or store rolled in place of the clingfilm! Don’t! - Do not use with raw fish or meat and avoid all contact with heat including microwaves and ovens.