POTR Pots are flat pack, origami planters designed to self-water your plants, made from recycled materials.

Shipped flat packed so they can be slipped through your letterbox, POTR Pots have the smallest carbon footprint possible during transit. Once assembled the cotton cord doubles as the watering system, allowing your plants to self-regulate their water intake using tried and tested wicking technology.

POTR Pots are constructed using recycled polypropylene otherwise destined for landfill, repurposing this material into long lasting, robust planters designed to last a lifetime (but can be recycled again if you so wish). The cord and wicking straw are made from cotton and can also be recycled.

Designed, manufactured and assembled in the UK.


15cm Diameter x 16cm Height.

How it Works

Once your POTR Pot is set up simply add water into the pot - if your plant is thirsty it will automatically start drinking the water through the cotton cord. Magic! 

Water is drawn up through the cotton cord by the plant using tried and tested wicking technology; the cotton cord functions as a wicking straw, transferring water from the reservoir in the base of the pot to the soil surrounding your plant. This is particularly useful if you aren’t able to water them yourself on a regular basis! With a semi transparent finish to the pots, it's easy to see when your plants are getting thirsty, making it obvious when it’s time to refill.